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What is EGY Mould

El Burak for Engineering and Development is a global leader company in the creation of industrial solutions to its customers together to become more distinctive and competitive.

El Burak for Engineering and Development in the creation of solutions for industrial clients in general and in the field of ceramic industry, especially thanks to the harmonious work of the team is working in a climate of fraternal cause for joy and creativity and continuous perfection together to achieve real and beneficial partnership still with continuous elevation of the homeland and the pleasure of God.

Teamwork and mutual respect.
Honesty, integrity and chastity (morality)
Spirit of challenge and success.
Innovation and development and continuing education.
Customer satisfaction.

Company Name: El Burak for Engineering &Development (EGY Mould)
Business Type: Manufacturer
Product / Services: Manufacturing, Processing and marketing of mold and fittings, standard parts, tools needed in ceramic manufacturing
Registered Address: 6th Industrial Zone – Area 84/2 – 6 October City – Egypt
Company website:

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