EgyMould Factory


EL-BURAk business started back in 2005 with the production of moulds for the ceramics industry, Now we have built more than 15 years expertise in many areas through the various projects and continuous research in our line of work.
We can now provide integrated solutions for our customers in the field of building materials industry

Vision and Mission

Mission & Vision

Vision:Al-Buraq is a global leader in creating industrial solutions for its clients, to be together more distinguished and competitive globally.

Mission: Al-Buraq is a world-class company that excels in innovating industrial solutions to make its customers in general and in the ceramics industry in particular, companies with a world-class level, using the latest technology, and with a harmonious team that work in a brotherly atmosphere that inspires joy, creativity and continuous mastery, and in light of Real partnership with our globally distinguished clients and suppliers, and everyone who deals with us in a way that realizes real value and continuous and mutual benefit, seeking in all of this the development of the homeland and the pleasure of God.


Area : 4000 squar meter.
production capacity:
punches :10000(new/repair diffrent kinds)/year
Masks :500 new mask/year
Die fram:140 (new/repair/modified)/year
Mould :75 (new/repair/modified)/year
Grids :48 new grids/year

Technology Used

our company have wide range from diffrent kind of machines suitable
to cover all range of presses for Example our OMAG CNC machine is 4mt.
our MWM Grinding Machine is 6 mt.
we are using the best kind of wiring for welding and resin