What is EGY Mould

With more than 15 years of expertise and through continuous research and development we offer our clients the best Moulds for Ceramic Tiles

EL-BURAK is a global leader in creating industrial solutions for its clients, to be together more distinguished and competitive globally

EL-BURAK is a world-class company that excels in innovating industrial solutions to make its customers in general and in the ceramics industry in particular, companies with a world-class level, using the latest technology, and with a harmonious team that work in a brotherly atmosphere that inspires joy, creativity and continuous mastery, and in light of Real partnership with our globally distinguished clients and suppliers, and everyone who deals with us in a way that realizes real value and continuous and mutual benefit, seeking in all of this the development of the homeland and the pleasure of God.

Teamwork and mutual respect.
Honesty, integrity and chastity (morality)
Spirit of challenge and success.
Innovation and development and continuing education.
Customer satisfaction.

Company Name: El Burak for Engineering &Development (EGY Mould)
Business Type: Manufacturer
Product / Services: Manufacturing, Processing and marketing of mold and fittings, standard parts, tools needed in ceramic manufacturing
Registered Address: 6th Industrial Zone – Area 84/2 – 6 October City – Egypt
Company website: www.egymould.com