Mould curve picture
Entering Mould picture

One of the main components in shaping ceramics, that has to be customized for each customer and press…

Mould's Main Components

Die Box picture
Base plate picture
Seperated Magnetic block picture
Magnetic Block picture
Magnetic Upper Plate picture
Liners picture

Read what are the main parts of the mould and how they function together to bring you the finished product.

Magnetic Upper Plate

Magnetic Upper Plate picture
Permanent-Magnetic upper plate picture
Elctro-magnetic upper plate picture

The magnetic upper plate’s function is to hold the upper punches…


Mask Picture

The mask is used to shape the upper and lower punches which are used to shape the tiles…


punch picture
punch Picture
3D Punch picture
punch picture

The part responsible for shaping the tiles’ face and backside…


60 x 120 - 2 cavities Gird
60 x 120 - 2 cavities Gird
60 x 120 - 2 cavities Gird
Grid picture

The grid’s main function is to ensure uniform distribution of ceramic raw material…


Leather bellow picture
cylindrical heater picture